S3 project, final meeting

The S3 final meeting has been held in Brussels, on September 27, 2012

Third S3 Workshop

“Supply – Demand workshop”

The 3rd S3 workshop has been organized on May 24, 2012 as satellite event of the IMCS 2012 conference in Nuremberg (Germany).

S3 booth at SENSOR+TEST

The S3 project reserved a 12m^2 booth at SENSOR+TEST event to promote the interaction with SMEs.

SENSOR+TEST 2012 was held in Nuremberg (Germany) on 22-24/05/2012, in collaboration with IMCS 2012 conference. It was one of the largest sensor exhibition all over the world, and S3 project was present with a booth to exploit the results of the joint EU-RF project.

Third S3 School

February 13-15, 2012, Tuebingen (Germany)

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Second S3 School

Theory of gas sensitivity of nano-structured MOX layers – Selection rules for gas sensitive materials

July 4-10, 2011, Konevets island (Russia)

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Second S3 Workshop

“EU-Russia Exploitation Dialogue & Integration Workshop“

Satellite Events at the EUROSENSORS Conference 2011 in Athens, Greece

September 4, 2011

EU-Russia integration aims to increase cooperation in research and teaching in form of short- and long-term research exchanges of junior and senior researchers at partner sites (e.g., the Joint Doctoral Degree (JDD)) as well as tutorials and schools for doctoral students on topics of general interest. Of these the Joint Doctoral Degree (JDD) is a spearheading and effective instrument for longer-term partnering and integration.

Exploitation Dialogue

The exploitation dialogue should not only provide an impression of already exploited results of the three RU-EU27 sensor projects (i.e., S3, INGENIOUS and SAWHOT), but also engage in dialogue with relevant industrial partners (e.g., EADS) with respect to potential cooperative activities. One of the objectives is the generation of ideas and the improvement of exploitation for upcoming projects.

Integration Workshop

The integration workshop will present “RU-EU27 integration” activities between the participating S3, INGENIOUS and SAWHOT projects.

Hans Hartmann Pedersen from the European Commission and Eberhard Seitz as project technical advisor will present EU targets and strategy regarding an efficient integration program. Udo Weimar’s overview of effective instruments for integration will be followed by a roundtable discussion on a sustainable future cooperation between Europe and Russia.

S3 meeting in Cologne

The S3 meeting has been hold at the University of Cologne -  Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, on February 2nd and 3rd.

Dr. Nicolay Samotaev (MEPhI) awarded by President Dimitry Medvedev

Award of the Vladimir Zvorykin National Prize for Innovations to S3 project member Dr. Nicolay Samotaev by President Dmitry Medvedev.(http://eng.news.kremlin.ru/transcripts/1493).

Dr. Nikolay Samotaev was awarded the prize for the project “Gas sensors for controlling the concentration of explosive and toxic gases” in the section “Nuclear Technologies” (http://eng.state.kremlin.ru/face/1469).

Dr. Samotaev is founder and co-founder of two spin-off companies, “RTC Impex” and “Analit MEPHI”, which have both emerged from NRNU MEPHI (Moscow Engineering-Physical Institute).

First S3 Workshop

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First S3 School

MOX Semiconductors Gas Sensor Technology – From basics to applications

May 10-14,  2010; Rimini, Italy

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